Membership Benefits

Membership in ICAC is open and available to any individual or organization with an interest in certification programs.  You do not have to currently operate a certification program nor must that program be accredited with ICAC in order to become a member.  Membership fees are $200 annually (application at  Membership organizations can appoint up to two representatives to officially receive ICAC member benefits.
Membership Benefits Include:

  • periodic updates on international developments in activities that affect certification programs
  • access to participation in ICAC committee activities
  • FREE sample policies and procedure documents.  As part of the ISO 17014 accreditation process, there are a number of policies and procedures called for within the standard.  ICAC has developed policy templates for many of these policies that most organizations lack.  These policy templates include:
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Non-Disclosure Policy
    • Non-Discrimination Policy
    • Special Needs Policy
    • Testing Irregularities Policy
    • Logo Use Policy
    • Denial and/or Suspension Policy
    • Appeals Process Procedure
    • Complaints Process Procedure
    • and more, policies are added periodically and are made available to all members upon publication.