Application Package

Complete the Application Package
You will be sent an application package.   This package will detail the questions the evaluation team will seek to answer, and list all the documentation required to assist in this process.

The documentation can either be submitted in paper form, electronic form, or a combination of both.   A volunteer from ICAC will be available to assist you and your staff as you gather the required information together.

PLEASE NOTE:  Unlike some other accreditation programs, ICAC treats multiple certification programs that utilize the same administrative processes as a single application and evaluation.  In other words, if your association offers several certifications, but the development, oversight and administrative processes are substantially similar for all the certifications, then they will be evaluated as a single “program” and only one application/evaluation fee will be required.  This streamlined process can save your organization thousands of dollars in evaluation fees.

The point of the application is to provide our evaluation team with as complete a picture as possible of the development and administration of your certification program(s).  To this end, we will ask you to document dozens of key indicators within your program.

Some Examples of Key Performance Indicators include:

  • Is there an appeal process for those denied certification?  If so, what is it?  Is there a grievance process?  If so, how is it administered?
  • Can individuals contribute to or comment on the certification process?  How?
  • In what format and manner does the association keep secure and reportable records?
  • Can an individual’s certification be verified?  By whom and how?
  • How are questions developed and what is the process for accuracy and appropriateness?
  • What is the size of the question database?
  • How are tests generated (randomly, standard form, multiple forms, etc)?
  • What frequency are they updated?
  • What are the credentials of those who develop your question database?
  • Where and how often are the tests given?
  • and dozens more…

Once the application is complete, please submit it to ICAC (we will provide you with the address of the evaluation team leader) for review.  At the time of submission, an $800 application fee is due, made payable to ICAC.

An ICAC evaluation team will be assigned to your certification program.  Members of these teams have many years (often decades) of experience running not-for-profit associations and administering industry certification programs.

The evaluation team will conduct a preliminary review of the application package – checking it for completeness and identifying any obvious omissions.  If additional information is required, we will contact you with a specific request.

Assuming the application package is complete, we will then schedule an on-site (at your administrative offices) evaluation meeting.


Step 3:  The Evaluation Process