Initial Contact

Contact us and let’s discuss if this program is right for your organization: 
The evaluation process is very comprehensive and will require a substantial investment of time (and some money) on the part of your organization and staff.  So contact us  and we can discuss the particulars of your certification program(s).

There is no charge for this initial discussion and no obligation to continue any further in the process.  To help you determine if your program is right for ICAC’s accreditation services, we have created a very simple preliminary checklist.

The mission of ICAC is to provide low-cost accreditation services to entities that conduct certification programs for individuals.  We do not accredit programs that certify products or companies.

Assuming we determine that your program meshes well with the services ICAC provides, we will mail to you a complete application package and assign an ICAC volunteer to assist you through the application process.


Step 2:  The Application Process