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International Certification Accreditation Council


The ICAC is an alliance of

organizations dedicated

to assuring competency,

professional management,

and service to the public by

encouraging and setting

Standards for licensing, certification,

and credentialing programs internationally.



Why Accredit Your Certification Program?


In recent years there have been a

growing number of certification programs emerge,

evaluating individual’s competencies on a host of skills and in many fields.  Unfortunately not all certification programs are structured and administered in a manner that can reasonably provide the level of assurance to the general public that certification programs are meant to convey.


Just as your program seeks to assure consumers that the successful applicant has been evaluated by a neutral third party and has been found to hold the core competencies to fulfill the tasks associated with his/her certification - the ICAC provides a similar assurance that the entire certification program has been evaluated by a neutral third party and conforms with industry best practices with regards to certification programs.

All professional credentials are not created equal.  Have your program accredited by ICAC to assure your members (and customers) that it adheres to industry best practices.


International Certification Accreditation Council